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Mathematics and Computer Science

Faculty and Staff


Salvatore J. PetrilliSalvatore J. Petrilli
Department Chair
Associate Professor
Science Building, Room 414
p – 516.877.4488
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Research interests: history of mathematics, applied statistical analysis, and mathematics education (elementary, secondary, collegiate, and administrative)

Victoria Desiderio
Administrative Assistant
Science Building, Room 413
p – 516.877.4476
f – 516.877.4499
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Robert BradleyRobert Bradley
Science Building, Room 410
p – 516.877.4488
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Research interests: history of mathematics, probability theory, ergodic theory, random walks, mathematical logic

William L. QuirinWilliam L. Quirin
Science Building, Room 419
p – 516.877.4487
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Research interests: algebra, statistics

Tuval FoguelTuval Foguel
Science Building, Room 416
p – 516.877.4483
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Research interests: algebra, group theory

vRobert M. Siegfried
Science Building, Room 407
p – 516.877.4482
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Research interests: computer ethics, accessible computing, computer science education, quantitative nondestructive testing

Lee J. StemkoskiLee J. Stemkoski
Science Building, Room 418
p – 516.877.4495
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Research interests: video game programming, computer graphics, history of mathematics, and number theory


Associate Professors

David Chays
Science Building, Room 406
p – 516.877.4479
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Research Interests: databases, software engineering and testing

Assistant Professors

Joshua Hiller HeadshotJoshua Hiller
Science Building, Room 404
p – 516.877.4477
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Research interests: stochastic processes, mathematical biology (including mathematical epidemiology, deforestation, and carcinogenesis), graph theory, and algebraic combinatorics

Xiaoxing LiuXiaoxing Liu
Science Building, Room 403
p – 516.877.4681
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Research interests: human-computer interaction, including user experience design, novel computer interfaces, and data visualization. Interdisciplinary research with collaborators from other areas, particularly engineering, public health and psychology.

Kees LeuneKees Leune
Science Building, Room 408
p – 516.877.8178
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Research interests: privacy, cybersecurity (especially prevention, threat intelligence, incident management, applied cryptography, and strategy), and all things involving Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Carl J. Giuffre
Science Building Room 409

p – 516.237.8584
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Anil Venkatesh Headshot

Anil B. Venkatesh
Science Building Room 412
p – 516.877.3888
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Nara Yoon
Science Building Room 325
p – 516.877.3458
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Sung Kim
Science Building Room 329
p – 516.877.3825
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Visiting Assistant Professors

Saleh AliyariSaleh Aliyari
Science Building, Room 417
p – 516.877.4490
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Peter L. Maceli
Science Building, Room 404
p – 516.877.8534
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Monica Morales Hernandez
Science Building, Room 405
p – 516.877.3580
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Adjunct Faculty

Michael Di Crescio

Onsy Elshamy

Alvin Estrada

Salvatore Ferrugia

Kenneth Gittelson

Salvatore Giunta

Fred Hicks

Ida Klikovac

Walter Meyer

Kristin Pepper

Joseph Pichkur

Mahmood Pournazari

Diane Quirin

Roger A. Regan

Daniel Summers

Kathy Vargas

Adam Wittenstein

Emeritus Faculty

Herbert Kranzer

Herbert Kurss

David Lubell

Walter Meyer

William Steinmetz

Michael Yanowitch



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Science Building, Room 413
p – 516.877.4480

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