Mathematics and Computer Science

Faculty Research Interests

Adelphi mathematics professor.
Name Research Interests
Dr. Stephen Bloch Computational complexity and analysis of algorithms, proof theory and mathematical logic, beginning programming pedagogy, social impact of computing and telecommunications
Dr. Robert Bradley History of mathematics, probability theory, ergodic theory, random walks, mathematical logic
Dr. David Chays Databases, software engineering and testing
Dr. Salvatore Petrilli

History of mathematics, applied statistical analysis, and mathematics education (elementary, secondary, collegiate, and administrative)

Dr. William Quirin Group theory, permutation theory, multivariate statistics
Dr. Robert M. Siegfried Computer ethics, software tools for the blind and visually impaired, applied artificial intelligence, inverse theory
Dr. Lee Stemkoski History of mathematics, mathematical modeling, number theory, video game programming
Dr. Christopher Storm Spectral graph theory, graph and hypergraph zeta functions, inverse zeta functions and spectral problems
Dr. Sarah Wright Functional analysis

For further information, please contact:

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
p – 516.877.4480

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